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Information of interest to travelers about various destinations I have visited (mostly tropical). Travelogue-style narratives, travel advice, hundreds of pictures and maps, travel links.


Joe Carr at his 50th birthday party

Joe Carr

Personal web pages for Joe Carr, the host of the JoeTourist websites, and owner of JoeTourist InfoSystems, the business which underwrites the operation of this website.  Personal info, opinions, astronomy, photography, local restaurants, photo albums, etc.

This is a website to host genealogical information for my families.

This is an experimental website. It is also the host Domain for my web services run through

Weather Station

My online weather station is shut down, however the weather cam is still broadcasting


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"Into The Forest" by Brenda Hodson

Brenda Hodson, Artist

Paintings, art from found materials, seasonal window painting in Victoria, BC, Canada.

The Otter Point and Shirley Resident and Ratepayers Association



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